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Tofu Tahini Dan Dan Noodles

The world is flooded with tofu recipes, but have you ever found one that actually tantalizes your tastebuds?  Whether you’re a tofu vet or a disgruntled maker of meatless dishes, this recipe is for you!

Just under 15 minutes
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Tofu recipes are a dime a dozen, but unfortunately it takes some pretty mad tofu chops to get it to taste like anything. All too often, people are presented with a plate of tofu that leaves them yearning for meat and flavor. This dish will wipe away all your bean curd blues! We’ve amped up tofu with our spicy, dan dan noodles recipe. Creamy tahini, salty soy, sweet honey, and spicy sriracha coat the noodles. The firm tofu is cooked crispy and seasoned with the flavors of the Sichuan province of China. You too can love tofu!


chinese egg noodles
about 8 ounces
tofu (we used firm)
about 2 cups, crumbled
about 2 tablespoons plus more if you like it spicy
about 2 tablespoons
soy sauce
about 3 tablespoons
2 whole, just use the green part (but don’t throw away the white part)
2 cloves
about 2 tablespoons


vegetable oil

totally optional

fresh, grated
peanuts or cashews
to your liking, in the dressing


Heat it up
Place a medium pot over high heat. Add water and bring to a boil for the noodles. Next, place a pan or wok over very high heat and coat with vegetable oil. Crumble up your tofu and add it to the pan.
Make a dressing
In a large bowl, combine the sriracha, honey, 2 tablespoons of soy sauce, and tahini to make the dressing. Grab 2 tablespoons of your boiling water from the stove and add it to your dressing. Stir to combine. Thinly slice the scallions. Add half of them to the dressing and reserve the other half for garnish.
Noodle time
Toss your egg noodles into the pot of boiling water and cook until tender, about 4 minutes.
Tend to the tofu
The tofu should be browning in the pan by now. Grab your garlic cloves, we’re going to mash them into a paste. First, crush the cloves with the side of your knife. Add a pinch of salt, and continue to chop and smear the garlic until it reaches a pasty consistency. To the tofu, add garlic paste along with 2 teaspoons of soy sauce. If you have fresh, grated ginger you could add this to the tofu now.
Bring it together
Remove egg noodles from water and add them to the bowl of dressing, mixing well. If you are adding nuts, they can be added now. Next add the dressed noodles to the tofu pan and toss well to gloss the noodles. Hit the tofu with one more teaspoon of soy and another teaspoon of sriracha, if you like it hot.
Plate baby!
Pile the dressed noodles on the plate, making sure to get enough tofu mixed in. Top with reserved scallions and one last hit of sriracha if you really want to set yourself on fire.
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