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Steak with Hashbrowns (& Cocktails)

Planning a date night in?  Step up your game with this impressive herby steak and crispy hash brown dish smothered in a deliciously dirty pan gravy.  Wash it down with a Basil Hayden’s old fashioned cocktail. Man, it’s getting hot in here!

Just under 15 minutes
3 Hot-tips
You don’t need a fancy cut of meat to treat your sweet to a delicious date night at home. Grab some budget-friendly steaks, a couple of Idaho’s finest, and a few herbaceous adds to make this elevated end-of-week meal. Just close your eyes and let our dirty pan gravy transport you to your favorite steakhouse, without the big spend and fancy, uncomfortable clothes. Need a cocktail? We do! Our citrus-forward old fashioned with a touch of honey and a hint of bitters will please your palate and ease your angst. Cheers!


2 of them(be thrifty, try a top round)
Idaho russet potatoes
2 of them
fresh thyme
5-6 sprigs
4 cloves
heavy cream
1/4 cup
2 teaspoons
orange bitters
3 dashes
1 1/2 shot
orange peel
2 chunks


soy oil

totally optional



Get started
Start by getting your two pans pre-heating on the stove and coating the bottom of each soy oil.
Prep your steaks
Grab your steaks and generously salt and pepper all sides. Toss your steaks into the hot, oiled pan .
Make the hash
Now let’s grate the potatoes, bust out your box grater and set it over a clean towel. Grate the potatoes down to the last bit while preserving the integrity of your knuckles. Our sustainability tip below tells you how to use up these nubs. Gather the grated potatoes in your clean towel and squeeze over a bowl, removing as much liquid as possible to ensure their crispy-ness when cooking. Unwrap the potatoes and loosely add them to the pan along with a pat of butter. Don’t throw out the potato sludge water left in the bowl, just set it aside for now. Heavily salt and pepper the hash browns.
Cook the steaks
Meanwhile, over in the steak pan, our steaks have been cooking for about 5 minutes Flip the steaks and add a pat of butter to encourage caramelization. Smash your garlic cloves and add them to the steak pan, along with the whole, fresh thyme sprigs and mop it all around. Now tilt the steak pan revealing an herbaceous brown butter and baste the steaks liberally. Cook steaks another 6-7 minutes. Remove steaks from the pan and check doneness (hot tip below!). You can always finish cooking the steaks in the oven to your desired doneness. Let the steaks rest as we work on a quick pan sauce. Simply add a splash of bourbon to the pan to your eyebrows, there will be fire. Add heavy cream, salt to taste, and stir.
Back to the potatoes
Starches in the potato sludge water bowl should have coagulated by now. Pour excess liquid from the bowl into the sink and then scrape the starchy layer left in the bowl into the hash browns. Toss and flip hashbrowns, adding a couple of pats of butter to the top.
Plate it
For plating, cut your steaks into thin slices. Place a heap of hash browns in the center of the plate and arrange slices of steak on top. Now drizzle the pan sauce over entire dish to finish.
And the nightcap
Don’t forget your cocktail! Grab a mixing container and a rocks glass with chunky ice. Stir together honey, orange bitters, bourbon, and orange peel. Pour the mixed cocktail over ice. Cheers!
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