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Spinach Spaetzle Carbonara

Say scratch spinach spaetzle, fives times fast, ready, go!  Forget it, that’s too tough. It would take you longer to master that skill than it would take you to actually make the dish from start to finish.
Just under 15 minutes
How do you pronounce “spaetzle?” Do you put the emphasis on the “a” or the “e?” We’re putting the debate to rest, right here, right now. It rhymes with pretzel . . . we think . . . it depends where you’re from. Now that that’s settled, let's drill down on this dish. We make scratch spaetzle laced with spinach. We whip up a creamy carbonara sauce, stir in some smoky bacon, and you have yourself one indulgent dish that’s ready in minutes. Never mind how you say it, never mind that we’re mixing German and Italian foods (gasp!), just make it, it’s delicious.


bacon or turkey bacon
3-4 slices
fresh spinach
3 handfuls
parmesan cheese
about 1 cup, grated


about 1 cup

totally optional

smoked paprika
if you’re omitting the meat, add this for great smoky flavor
sprinkle on top at the end, if you’d like


Heat things up
Place a medium pot on the stove over med-high heat. Fill two-thirds of the way with hot water and bring to a boil for our pasta. Next, place a medium pan on the stove over med-high heat, and drizzle with olive oil.
Bacon baby!
Grab your bacon, cube it up, and toss it in the oiled pan. Sprinkle a bit of water into the pan, this helps the bacon get crispy. Cook for 4-5 minutes.
Make green spaetzle dough
Get out your blender. Add the handfuls of spinach to the blender, along with ½ cup water. Blend it up and set aside. Now grab a large bowl to make our spaetzle dough. Crack 1 egg (not both!) into the bowl and whisk it. Add in your blended spinach, flour, and whisk to combine. The mixture should be the consistency between a dough and a batter, add more flour if it’s too wet. Season with salt and pepper.
Cook the spaetzle
Next, grab a colander and place it in the pot of boiling water. Pour your dough into the colander and, using a spoon, move the batter around pressing it through the holes of the colander. The little pastas will drop right into the water. Cook them for about 2 minutes.
Make the sauce
Find your second egg and crack it into a bowl. Add the crispy bacon and grated cheese to the bowl and stir.
Bring it all together
Using a spider, remove the spaetzle from the water and place it right into your sauce. The heat from the spaetzle will cook the egg as you stir it up. You’re done, plate it up and finish with a bit more grated parm!
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