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Not Fried Halibut Tacos

No need to feel guilty about these tasty tacos.  In under 15 minutes, you can enjoy this fry-free, gluten-free fusion of Asian and Latin flavors that pack an epic palate punch.

Just under 15 minutes
3 Hot-tips
Love a good pun? We do, so just for the halibut, we tried this version of a fish taco without the messy, less-healthy step of frying the fish. This dish boasts a flakey, delicate fish with a smoky, charred finish. We’ve also arranged a beautiful marriage of flavors, bringing the essence of Asia and Latin America together in our fresh, crisp sesame slaw. Served on top of warmed corn tortillas, this dish is gluten-free, healthy, and completely crave-able.


24 ounces
red cabbage
1/2 of it (about 2 handfuls)
2 of them
3 of them
chili flakes
fish sauce
1 tbsp
sesame seeds
1 tbsp
corn tortillas
12 of them


smoked paprika
a palmful
a palmful
soy oil
1/4 cup

totally optional



Get started
Start by throwing the grill pan on the heat.
Season your fish
Gather your mortar and pestle and spices. Combine the smoked paprika, coriander seed, salt, in your mortar and grind-it-like-you-mean-it to make a rub. Grab your halibut (or proxy fish) and coat generously with the rub, covering every single surface of flesh. Now pour the soy oil over the fish and give it a good massage. Lay the fish in the grill pan, you should hear the intoxicating sizzle, resist the urge to move the fish during grilling (guys, talking to you here). Go wash your paprika-stained, Halloween hands.
Prep the slaw
Moving on to the slaw. Take your ½ head of cabbage, remove the limp outer layer. Shave the cabbage into thin ribbons using a knife or mandolin. Scoop the cabbage into your medium bowl using your bench scraper (bench scrapers save knives!). Halve your avocado, remove the seed using your knife and a towel, and scoop the velvety inside out onto your cutting board. To finish off the slaw, give the avocado a rough, random chop. Grab a lime and give the avocados a quick zest, using a microplane. Then halve the limes and add their juices to the slaw. Next, we’ll add the honey, fish sauce, sesame seeds, and toss to combine.
Check in on the fish
After being on the grill pan for about 6 minutes, the halibut is getting a nice char. Now is the time to flip the fish and continue cooking for another 6 minutes.
Plate it
Grab 3 corn tortillas and nestle them all cozy on the sides of the grill pan, next to the fish, to loosen them up. Once warm, remove the tortillas from the pan and arrange on a plate. Check the doneness of the fish by taking a spoon and peeking into the fish, if it’s flakey then it’s cooked. Take a portion of fish, tear it up, and arrange on each taco. Decorate the fish with the slaw, garnish with smoked paprika, or even some radishes if you have them, and call it a taco.
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