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Crispy Pork Chop with Smoky Chorizo White Beans

The “other white meat” gets its chance to shine in this quick dish.  Crispy pork chops in a rosemary butter bath hang with a mixture of smoky chorizo, white beans, and kale, turning a weeknight meal into an upscale experience.

Just under 15 minutes
In 1987 the National Pork Board got us all excited about the “other white meat.” This, as you know, is the often overlooked and sometimes forgotten meat, pork. From a nutritional standpoint, pork is inferior to chicken and turkey but superior to red meat. In this dish, we celebrate this nutritionally mediocre meat and elevate its flavors to a restaurant quality experience. These pork chops are pressed with rosemary, glossed with butter, and cooked until crisp. The bed of smoky chorizo, white beans, and kale make a perfect foundation to showcase the chop. Take center stage pork, it’s your time to swine...shine.


about 1 cup diced
white beans
1 can (about 15 ounces)
pork chops
2 (4-6 oz. each)
about 2 sprigs
kale (dino or black or curly)
2 large stems with leaves


olive oil
about 4 tablespoons

totally optional


Get started
Place two large pans over medium heat. Cut your chorizo into cubes and add to one of the pans, to render the fat. Drain your white beans over the sink. Once the chorizo begins to brown, add the white beans to the pan.
Pork prep
Open up your pork chops and, working in the butcher paper, sprinkle them with salt, and press the rosemary into the chops on both sides. Toss the leftover rosemary stems in with your beans to add a bit of flavor (we’ll fish them out later). Drizzle your empty pan with olive oil. Add the chops to the pan and leave them alone, don’t play with them, allow them to sear.
Kale time
Chop your kale into small, bite-sized pieces, stems and all. Add the kale to the chorizo and white beans and give them a good toss.
Pork check
If you look at the side of the pork chop, you can see the meat turning white as it continues to cook. Once the white moves halfway up the meat, it’s time to flip (after about 4-5 minutes). Gorgeous! Add the butter to the pork chops to deglaze the pan. Spoon the glossy sauce over the pork chops as they continue to cook.
Home stretch
You know that the chorizo, white beans, and kale are done when the stems of kale are tender to the bite. Remove the rosemary stems from the pan. Grab a plate! Scoop a hefty helping of the chorizo, white beans, and kale mixture onto your plate. Pull a pork chop from the pan and place on top. Ladle a bit of rosemary brown butter over the top and you’re done!
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