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Green Chilaquiles

Stale chips, misfit salsa, random veg, what to do?  Chilaquiles, duh. When it looks like you have nothing to cook, look again.  Chances are you’ve got everything you need whip up this Mexican favorite tonight!   

Just under 15 minutes
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Chilaquiles has been a staple of Mexican cuisine since the late 1800s. It is a versatile dish that you can make with only a few ingredients, in only a few minutes. We’re going green and meatless with our version of this classic. Green salsa rehydrates our slightly stale chips and we bulk up the base by tossing in some random veg. The pan is topped with eggs that are cooked until runny then adorned with fresh onion and a herby crema. And yes, you heard us correctly. We said pan, one pan, as in one pan dinner. You’re welcome.


1, just the white bottom part, sliced
portabella mushroom
1, stem and ribs removed, sliced
green salsa (or whatever salsa you have)
about 3 cups
tortilla chips
2 big handfuls
about a handful, just the leaves
coriander seeds
about 1 teaspoon
about ½ cup
red onion
½ onion, thinly sliced


veg oil

totally optional

chili flakes
if you want to add some more heat
sour cream
crema is basically sour cream, just thinner, you can sub it out


Heat things up
Grab a large pan and place over medium high heat. Drizzle some veg oil into your pan.
Cut stuff up
Trim the green top and white root off of the leek. Working with just the white part, slice in half long-ways and lay both halves flat on your board. Now slice the leek into half moon shaped pieces and add them to your pan. Remove the stems from your mushroom (save for stock!). Now, using a spoon, scrape the ribs off the underside of the mushroom cap. Those ribs are laced with moisture and will prevent the mushroom from browning. Thinly slice your mushroom cap and add it to the pan.
Chips and salsa
Add your salsa to the pan. If you want more heat, toss in some chili flakes as well. Season with salt. Dump your chips onto a cutting board and crush into small pieces (maybe the size of postage stamps). Add your chips to the pan, toss to combine, and bring to a boil.
Eggs on top
Grab your eggs and crack each one right into the pan. Cover your pan.
Create crema
Find your mortar and pestle. Combine your cilantro, a big pinch of salt, coriander seeds, and mash into a paste. Add the crema to your mortar and stir. Chop your red onion into thin slices and set aside.
Plate party
Spoon a pile of chips, veg, and sauce onto your plate. Top with an egg and, taking the back of a spoon, bust open the egg so it oozes out. Top with a few slices of red onion and several dollops of crema. ¡Es tiempo de fiesta!
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