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Chicken Schnitzel and Crunchy Salad

Tough schnitz?  Try tucking your chicken in a prosciutto blanket before breading, the fat will baste the chicken as it cooks and keep it oh so moist.  #moist #wordhate

Just under 15 minutes
1 Hot-tip
What lucky chicken we have? I wish somebody would wrap me in a prosciutto blanket. This is a fantastic technique to keep hammered, thin chicken from drying out. The prosciutto adheres to the surface of the chicken, gets locked in upon breading, and continually bastes the chicken with it’s fatty, salty juices as it’s pan fried. We pair this with a crispy, crunchy, mustardy salad and you’ve got a German inspired, weeknight dinner in a flash. This dish is the schnitz!


chicken breast
1/2 cup
bread crumbs
1/2 cup
1 slice
5-6 (with greens)
1 cup
celery leaves
mustard (we love Sir Kensington’s!)
1/4 cup
apple cider vinegar
1 teaspoon


2 teaspoons
3 teaspoons

totally optional


Schnitzin’ chicken
Place a large pan over high heat over the stove and drizzle generously with olive oil to coat the bottom of the pan. Set up a breading station using three separate plates containing flour, eggs (scrambled up), and bread crumbs. Place the chicken breast in between parchment paper and pound it thin. Lay your prosciutto right on top of your chicken to cover. Bread the prosciutto blanketed chicken starting with flour, then dipping in egg, and finally in bread crumbs. Lay the chicken in the pan and season with salt and pepper. Cook on the first side for about 4 minutes, until browned. Then flip and cook 4 more minutes until cooked through.
Crunchy salad build
Grab a large bowl. Cut the radishes in half and then into moons, saving the stems. Shave the cucumber into noodles, using a peeler. Pluck the center leaves out of the celery stalks. Toss all the veg and leaves into the bowl and season with salt and pepper.
Get dressed
In a small bowl, combine mustard, apple cider vinegar, sugar, oil, and stir to combine. Season with salt and pepper. Pour the dressing over the salad and gently toss with your hands.
Remove the chicken from the pan and add to the center of the plate. Pile some crunchy salad on top of the chicken schnitzel. Gorgeous!
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